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An Invitation To A Journey
Hell's Kitchen is one of New York's most famous neighborhoods. Yet its unique story  of change as recounted by residents past and present  b remains largely undocumented. We're here to bring Hell's Kitchen to you. 'Stories From Hell's Kitchen' is a immersive oral history project which takes you on an intimate multimedia journey through this fascinating Mid West Manhattan neighborhood. 

Enter A Temple of Time
Stories From Hell's Kitchen is a memory palace, a temple of time. By foregrounding the relationship between people and place, the project uses oral history, music, melody, art and photography to reconstruct the real and imagined spirit of this unique neighborhood. This multi media projects creates unique audiovisual narrative of this special neighborhood.  Here, you'll hear  the voices of those who have lived and breathed change in Hell's Kitchen throughout living memory.  Through 'The  Hell's Kitchen Suite' original soundtrack, you will be taken on a journey of music and words from the rookeries and warehouses of the nineteenth centuries to to jazz clubs and discothèques of the late 20th century.


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