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About Stories From Hell's Kitchen

'Stories From Hell's Kitchen' is a UK/USA research collaboration. By working with academics, community organisations and residents in Hell's Kitchen, the project seeks to create the definitive oral history of people in this iconic New York neighborhood. Residents past and present will be invited to share their memories of life in Hell's Kitchen. An original suite of music written and performed by The Dacha Band will explore the rich texture of the neighborhood over the years. Further understanding of Hells Kitchen will be advanced through art, photography and poetry. 


The project is being led by Dr Angela Maye-Banbury,  senior lecturer in housing and neighborhoods at Sheffield Hallam University, England. Dr Maye-Banbury is leading a multidisciplinary team of researchers, musicians and others in creating this unique immersive oral history of Hell's Kitchen.

To download a copy of :the participant information sheet for individual research participants, please click here.

A copy of the participant information sheet for organisations may be accessed here.

To download a copy of the informed consent form, please click here.

A poster about 'Stories From Hell's Kitchen' for your organisations may be accessed here. 


To find out more about 'Stories From Hell's Kitchen', please email Dr Maye-Banbury. 


Ethical approval to undertake this research was granted by UREC on 29th June 2021  Converis number ER32704937.

Research to inform 'Stories From Hell's Kitchen' will be conducted from July 2021 - April 2024. 

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