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Welcome to Stories From Hell's Kitchen

An immersive oral history project dedicated to the iconic neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, NYC

To paraphrase French poet Charles Baudelaire, this is your personal invitation to a voyage - a journey of the senses around Hell's Kitchen, New York. Hell's Kitchen is one of New York's most iconic neighborhoods. Yet its fascinating story is seldom recounted by those who have borne witness to past events which have impacted profoundly at the local level. For the first time, 'Stories From Hell's Kitchen' will allow to explore this captivating neighbourhood through spoken word, music, art, literature and photography. Let your journey begin!

“Oral history is a people's history. Through oral testimony, people are invited to become the protagonists in their own stories, recounting past events in their own words on their own terms.”

Join us in the weeks and months ahead to be part of this unique immersive oral history project. We'll be making interviews with Hell's Kitchen residents past and present available for listening. We'll also tell the fascinating story of Hell's Kitchen through music, photography, art, literature, poetry and photography. We look forward to meeting you in the neighborhood!

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